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HOH presents, A Halloween Show

He is a mother fuckin’ monster! With HOH presents, Matt Hoh has thrown tons of dope shows in the valley. With lineups including Under Pressure, Yard Art, Go Outside, and many more he has curated some good nights of music. On top of that, Matt manages the local band Yard Art. He helped them to sell out their first venue show at 51 West with Good Ol’ Joel and Go Outside! Lil Qwerty was actually there doing standup in between sets, a true gem for the night. Hoh presents latest show also had Matt Hoh himself on the bill. I mean what doesn’t this guy do.

Matt Hoh made his official debut October 31, Halloween night. For his first live performance he stacked the bill with tons of locals. The entire lineup was Myas, Young Nut, Tony Velour, S-13, Kill Station, Matt Hoh, Lil HBK, Riverkinn, Jack Acid, Jewfro, and $onoma. The set was well decorated for the halloween festivities. There were pumpkins, that would later be smashed on stage and even thrown into the crowd, and cobwebs all over the stage.

The first set encountered a minor hang up with the mics being really low during Myas’ set, but he did a nice job projecting while they got them situated. Once Myas got going and brought out Young Nut, the place got wild! Young Nut always brings the fire. I actually overheard someone say, “That kid is going to be a star!” Tony Velour was late to his set because of car troubles but Kill Station saved the vibes with a filler DJ set, jumping into the crowd and getting everyone hyped. It would have been cool to see Tony perform the whole set because he had excellent crowd control once he did arrive.

S-13 was up next, a special request for the show by $onoma. When the song ‘AC130’ came on it got the place going! During part of the set they stopped everything and brought Matt Hoh up on stage to thank him for the night and wish everyone a happy Halloween. They also led the “Fuck a Matt Hoh!” chant for the night. In the moment I was confused because I didn’t know the backstory, but it was all fun and games. Some twitter fingers were just talking shit and some friends of Matt thought that would be funny to mock them at the show.

The best set of the night had to go to Jewfro! Playing only three songs they were able to pack a punch with ‘Bathroom’, ‘Addn Up’, and ‘Issues ft. Matt Hoh’. They just had energy levels through the roof. I do believe it helped to play a short set and that they brought out Matt Hoh, the man of the hour, for their new song ‘Issues’. ‘Issues’ was probably the most hype the show got all night, which is amazing since it was only released a few days before the show. It was fitting for that to be Hoh’s first time on stage.

Since Matt helped close down the Jewfro set with ‘Issues’, it only made sense for him to come on next, as it made for a seamless switch of the mics. Matt started his set with ‘Monster’, the first song he released. It was the perfect song to keep the energy flowing. For it being his first show, I was surprised so many people in the crowd knew the words. Matt kept the energy high for his set, then brought out his special guest, Jack Acid. Jack Acid did some wild shit on stage that probably made some people uncomfortable and/or offended. Overall, Matt killed his first time on stage, just could have done without the Jack Acid antics.

Up next was an impromptu costume contest, I was surprised to learn that this was not a planned part of the show. It only happened because $onoma and his DJ weren’t on the same page with his set music.  It was classic Halloween on display, girls not wearing very much or really being very much except hot. I honestly can’t even remember the costume that won, they were all winners.

One of my most anticipated sets came next, $onoma. While the set had promise, it quickly fell apart. I’m not really too sure what ended up happening. It seemed like some communication issues with the DJ frustrated $onoma, so he up and left the stage. It took most people by surprise but the other performers quickly recovered to save the show and keep the crowd in it. $onoma did end up coming back out for the end of the set and performed while lying down on stage, kind of a cool sight to save the show.

Kill Station, Lil HBK, and Riverkinn shut the show down with the next couple sets. They turned the lights down at The Underground to make it a little more intimate, but they were still wildin’ out on stage. They had dope sets to end the show, bouncing off the walls and hanging from the ceiling at certain points made it worth the long haul.

The Halloween show was a success for HOH presents. Matt put on a killer show at The Underground on Halloween night, a Tuesday night. Getting that many people to pull up on a weekend, non Halloween night, is hard enough, but that didn’t stop them from stacking the room. I have to applaud everyone involved. The performers did an excellent job bringing the house down for Halloween 2017. Other than the performers and Matt himself, there is a small team that helps HOH presents make these nights possible. Bobby, Josh, and Tyler, you’re the bomb for what you do.

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