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FloCast Ep 55 w/ Clay Adams (BeatLAB)

Clay Adams is rapper/producer/promoter who in the last two years has pushed one of the dopest beatmaker/producer nights called BeatLAB. Started first in Australia, where he's from, he brought the night over with the plan to give producers a platform and link them with rappers. Well the night turned into a success and he ended up bringing in national artists like Black Milk and putting on plenty of local dudes. We talk about all this and his upcoming plans plus the rap album he's working on.

Featuring tracks:

Cory Hill - A.T.T.E. Korey Wade & Mr. Shn - There I Go Cory Hill & Clay Adams - Miss Me Jivin' Scientists ft. Lando Chill & Jabee - This Old World

Find Clay Adams at: @clay-adams-music

Find BeatLAB at: @beatlabworldwide…t_homepage_panel

This podcast also featured beats produced by Gxldxn, Bean Supreme and RedEmpr.

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